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Identix TagReader



  • Diego Santana Sarafim

    Hi guys, I've been working with some prototypes using rPad and after some tests I identified something kind of strange, after exposing tags for long periods of continuous inventory part of the tags start behaving in a strange way, like not being read when is clearly inside the read range of the rPad, or even interfering with other "healthy" tags detection, I'm pretty much convinced that this is a tag problem, nothing with the antenna, as it seems the tags have a kind of life cycle limit in terms of interaction (read/write) but looking at the internet i couldn't find anything about such limitation, do you guys have some information on this matter, I mean whether tags do have a life time limit in terms of quantity of readings?

    Thank you guys in advance!

  • Suporte

    Hi Diego,

    Tags can be killed and stop answering to inventories, however this requires a special command that I believe you didn't execute.

    We will contact you by email to understand exactly what you are facing and support you in a more appropriated manner.


    Identix Support Team


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